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San Diego Asset Protection Attorney
San Diego Asset Protection Attorney

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When you’ve worked hard to build your fortune, you want to be sure to keep it safe and that you can pass your wealth down to your family. Asset protection provides you with financial protection and security by using several methods to protect your wealth from risks. These risks can include litigation, taxation, bankruptcy, and other business or third-party losses.

Gustavo Bravo: Your Asset Protection Attorney

Your San Diego, CA wealth must be protected. You want to ensure that your asset protection attorneys have the necessary experience with legal protection and asset allocation in commercial and business law. At Bravo Law, we have nearly seventeen years of work with business law and litigation. We’ve worked with small and mid-size businesses, enabling us to understand the specific challenges of business owners. Our legal counsel has also included investors and high-asset individuals and families.

Preserving wealth can be an overwhelming process for some individuals. That’s why you want an attorney who understands the needs and concerns of clients like you. Gustavo Bravo’s past work includes many contributions and strong litigation experience, and he and his team work to help guide clients through complex matters and ensure your assets are protected.

What Is Asset Protection?

Asset protection is when a company, business, or individual uses strategies to protect wealth or assets from threats like civil cases, taxes, business losses, or other external issues. This protection is accomplished by dividing your real estate, investments, and other personal wealth and covering them through liability insurance, LLC protection, retirement plan protection, or other methods.

Asset Allocation Planning

Making the necessary legal protections for your assets requires ensuring all are accounted for. Assets that can benefit from asset protection include checking and savings accounts, real estate and properties, stocks, and personal property like vehicles or jewelry. Having a professional help categorize and account for your assets will allow for the protection of those assets to be stronger and more specific to your needs.

Liability Insurance and Protection

Asset protection is unlikely to remove all risks, but it can help limit the impact of a legal dispute, taxes, or other losses that could occur from creditors or former partners. An asset protection lawyer can help structure and separate partnerships so that litigation would only impact directly related assets. Certain methods like well-made retirement plans or trusts can create a secure way for beneficiaries to receive wealth and keep it protected.

If you own a business or have a wealth of assets, it’s important to have effective asset protection before a claim is made against you. Once you have assets you don’t want to lose, you should begin the process of asset protection. Once you are involved in litigation, it’s too late to begin protecting your wealth. The sooner you begin, the more effective legal protections can become.

Why Do I Need a San Diego Asset Protection Lawyer?

Asset protection is a complex legal process, as it involves several laws surrounding trusts, property and estate rights, taxes, and more. How these laws interact with each other can be difficult for non-legal experts to understand. Additionally, adhering to specific time frames within asset protection is very important. This is not a situation where you want to make a mistake.

When you hire an attorney, our experts will handle those details, limiting risk for your personal assets. You want to work with a firm that has previously worked with high-asset individuals and understands California business law’s intricacies. At Bravo Law, we can talk through the asset protection process, so you understand how your wealth is being protected.

Potential Risks to Assets

Liability risks to your personal wealth can impact business owners, property owners, and other professionals. You may want to keep your assets safe from claims or other losses for several reasons. Common risks to your personal and company assets can include the following:

  • Malpractice liability claims.
  • Personal injury liability claims from your property.
  • Bankruptcy or business losses.
  • Claims by former business partners.
  • Claims by former spouses.
  • Personal injury claims after a car accident.
  • Misconduct liability claims.

Developing legal methods to protect your wealth in case of these claims or circumstances is necessary for many professionals, and our law firm wants to safeguard your personal wealth and assets.

Common Strategies for Asset Protection

Methods for wealth protection are fairly simple when you have a legal expert helping you through the process and determining your best interests. Here are some strategies that we could implement to protect aspects of your assets:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) or Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) can keep your personal property separate from your business property in the event your company is involved in a claim or turn a personal asset into a co-owned asset that can’t be seized in a claim against you.
  • Retirement accounts. Certain retirement plans can’t be used as a settlement if you lose a claim.
  • Asset protection trusts or life insurance trusts to prevent seizure by a court or lower estate taxes.

FAQs About San Diego, CA Asset Protection Law

How Do I Protect My Assets From Judgments in California?

There are a few methods you can use to protect your assets from judgments in California. If you own a business, you can register it as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Transferring valuable assets to your spouse who holds a job with fewer litigation risks can also protect those assets. You can also lower the risk of losing assets by placing them in protection trusts or retirement plans.

What Assets Are Protected in a Lawsuit in California?

Very few assets are protected in California court by default. If you’re involved in a claim and lose, many of your assets are vulnerable. Unless you engage in asset protection plans, most assets and personal property can be seized, including band accounts, property and real estate, vehicles, art, and anything else that has value. Certain retirement funds like a 401k or an employer-sponsored IRA are protected in the event of a claim.

How Does Asset Protection Work?

Asset protection is a type of financial planning that keeps personal wealth and assets safe from business losses, bankruptcy, taxes, litigation, and creditor claims. Business owners or high-asset individuals can benefit from asset protection. Several strategies are meant to keep personal property separate from business property that could otherwise be seized in a claim against a business.

Lower Risks for Your Wealth

Professional legal advice is necessary to help you effectively structure your asset protection and use the correct legal methods. Contact Bravo Law to begin planning.

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